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 ==== Cause 2 ==== ==== Cause 2 ====
-This could be because you have an incompatible VGAGraph ​file.+This could be because you have a version of Wolfenstein 3D with incompatible VGAGraph ​files. 
 +=== Solutions === 
 +You can see if your game files are compatible with ECWolf by verifying the checksums of the files alongside those listed on the [[https://​​wolf3d#​how_do_i_get_a_copy_of_wolfenstein_3d|ECWolf Wiki]]. 
 +If you are absolutely sure you have a legitimate copy of Wolfenstein 3D, you can fix it by compiling the patch utility listed by Blzut3 at https://​​ecwolf/​wolf3denginepatches/​src/​master/​ and running it in the same folder as your game files. 
 +Otherwise, you can find out where to get a copy of Wolfenstein 3D [[wolf3d#​how_do_i_get_a_copy_of_wolfenstein_3d|here]].
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