ECWolf Modding Questions

A collection of general questions you may have about ECWolf modding.

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Traditionally, Wolfenstein 3D modding involved changing the original game files and redistributing them. ECWolf instead puts all the changes for a mod inside of a new .PK3 file, and runs it over the top of the main game.
This is very similar to the way id Software designed DOOM mods to be handled.

The .PK3 includes text files that tell it how to use the mod content with the core game, and uses a special scripting language to modify features that are normally hard-coded in Wolf4SDL, including adding new enemies and weapons.

This is a file required by ECWolf mods, which contains information about how the game will run and other background elements. These include map information (Names, floor/ceiling colours, par times, etc), the appearance of menus and other non-gameplay elements.

This is a file required by ECWolf and LZWolf mods, which contains basic information about the game including menu elements, map information (map name, par times, floor/ceiling colours, etc),

To see a collection of variables that can be included in the MAPINFO file, view the ECWolf Wiki articles for a complete listing.

An XLAT file (Referred to officially as the Map Translator) helps ECWolf and LZWolf understand the values of objects, walls, and “flats” (floor and ceiling textures) in maps, translating them into ECWolf's UWMF (Universal Wolfenstein Map Format) structure.

This file is needed for ECWolf and LZWolf mods that add new walls and objects to put on a map, and must be in the PK3 file so the game can read these new map tiles. Mods that only use the default list of walls/objects/enemies do not need to worry about including it.

If you want more information about the XLAT and variables that can be used in it, please visit ECWolf Wiki - Map Translator.

Decorate is the scripting language ECWolf utilizes to implement features that would normally need to be coded into the engine.

All elements from the vanilla games are referenced by name in the ecwolf.pk3 or lzwolf.pk3 (Depending on the engine you are working with). If you open up the pk3 in Slade, there will be files for each of the supported games in the main directory.

Game File
Wolfenstein 3D (Shareware) wl1map.txt
Wolfenstein 3D (Full Version) wl6map.txt
Spear of Destiny sodmap.txt
Spear of Destiny: Return to Danger sd2map.txt
Spear of Destiny: Ultimate Challenge sd3map.txt
Super 3D Noah's Ark n3dmap.txt

Do not edit these files, or you may damage the ability for the engine to play games. You may open them and use them for reference though. Inside each file is the names for maps, sprites, textures, graphics, music and sounds utilized by their associated games.

For a listing of which song names belong to which song in each game, visit What are the names of songs in ECWolf?

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