How do I add more map tiles to the Plane List?

If you add new objects, walls, doors, enemies or whole new map planes to your game engine, you'll need to add new tile entries to your lists in WDC.

This page will take you through the steps to adding these new elements to your project, for use in the Map Editor.

Select the map plane you want to add an entry to. Go to Map ToolsMap Symbols while the map plane is selected. This will bring up the Map Symbols window.

To add a tile, click Map TileAdd.

In this popup window, add the numerical value you want the tile to have. Click OK and the tile will be added to the list.

All that is left is to customize the tile for use. Your tools for this are divided into 4 parts.

What the tile will be labelled in the list. Call it something you will recognize.

The colours you can use to edit the tile icon. Left click a colour to use it.

This is the 7×7 space where you draw the tile icon.

You can display a graphic here if available, which will appear in a preview box in the map editor.

Give your tile a name, and draw a symbol for it. If you go to the Symbol dropdown menu you can select a pre-made shape to use in the tile. The shape will use whatever colour you current have selected in the Palette.

Once you've made all the tiles you need for your plane, click OK to return to the Map Editor. You should now have tiles in your list to draw on your maps!

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