How do I set up a new project in WDC?

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This guide will take you through the steps to start a new modding project in WDC.

  1. If you haven't, download and install WDC from Any donations you pay go straight to Adam Biser!
  2. Create a folder somewhere called 'Output'. Make sure you put it in a location you can navigate to easily when needed.
  3. Open WDC, start a new project by going to File→New Project. Give it a name and save, and you should be greeted with the following window:

    This window contains a collection of core settings to set up your project. Many of these are optional and usually only require when modding the engine as well. For a full explanation of these options, click here. The important options for starting any project are:
    • Base Data Folder - This is where the game files you want to edit are located.
    • Compiled Extension - This will autofill when you select your Base Data Folder, detecting what game you are editing.
    • Output Folder - This is where your published mod will be exported. Make sure this is set to a different folder than your Base Data Folder!
    • Map Data File - This will autofill when you select your Base Data Folder, depending on what game is detected.
  4. Click on the first button to the right of the Base Data Folder bar. Navigate to your Wolfenstein 3D installation, and click okay. Your installation folder is the one containing .WL6 filles!
  5. Click on the first button to the right of the Output Folder bar. Navigate to the folder you created in Step 2, and click Okay. Make sure it is a different folder to the folder in the previous step!

  6. If your window looks like the above (With your own directory addresses, of course), click Okay and WDC will load in all the aspects of your game, ready to mod.

Unlike many other Wolf3D editors, WDC doesn't directly modify the files it interacts with. Instead WDC creates a whole new copy of the files you use as a base, and publishes your changes to the new files.
This way your original files stay unedited.

If you don't specify an Output folder, WDC will revert to Read-Only Mode. In this mode, you are able to view all the elements of each file as per normal, but will be unable to edit anything. To fix this, click on the Project Information button to bring up the above window, and designate a (preferably empty) folder as your Output folder (Step 5 above).

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