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Coding Tutorials

This is a collection of tutorials for changing common elements of the Wolf3D engine.

Many more tutorials for a wide slew of features, fixes and ideas, can be found at the DieHard Wolfers Message Board, with sections for both DOS development and Wolf4SDL development.

These are tutorials originally designed to work with the DOS source code. They may need alteration to work with Wolf4SDL, if at all compatible.

To learn how to compile the DOS Wolfenstein 3D source code, click here.

Bug Fixes for the DOS Code

The original Wolfenstein 3D contained a few bugs, even after the final 1.4 release. Talented members of the community though have provided solutions to solve a number of them.

Bug Fix Author Description
ScaleShape Bugfix Aryan_Wolf3D Fixes errors caused by sprites that draw on the most left hand column of pixels, and objects that are drawn on only the left-half of the sprite.
Bug Fix for Original VGAClearScreen Ripper Fixes a bug that can cause the whole screen to fill with the background colour

Saving Memory

A collection of guides for salvaging more memory to use.

These tutorials are designed to work with the Wolf4SDL, sometimes taking advantage of features unavailable to the DOS version. As such, compatibility with other engines may vary.

To learn how to compile the Wolf4SDL source code, click here.

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