ECWolf Modding Errors

While testing your ECWolf or LZWolf mod, you will most likely encounter the following error at some point:

There are multiple causes for this, and all are easily solvable.

As the error message suggests, we need to use the '–console' parameter to see the actual error log. This is because by default the command prompt is disabled in ECWolf, to make it easier to record and stream using popular broadcasting software.

To achieve this, you can either run ECWolf directly from the command prompt, or with a shortcut or batch file with –console appended to the end of the target parameter.

Whichever way you choose, the next time you run ECWolf it will produce a more clear error message for us to work with.

First, make sure you haven't directly edited the ecwolf.pk3 file. While you can look inside it, it is heavily advised not to change it, as it can cause errors. Mods should always be in their own unique .pk3 file.

Solution (If you did edit the core .pk3)

You will need to replace ecwolf.pk3 with a fresh copy, and move any changes you made to a unique .pk3 file.

This could be because you have a version of Wolfenstein 3D with incompatible VGAGraph files.


You can see if your game files are compatible with ECWolf by verifying the checksums of the files alongside those listed on the ECWolf Wiki.

If you are absolutely sure you have a legitimate copy of Wolfenstein 3D, you can fix it by compiling the patch utility listed by Blzut3 at and running it in the same folder as your game files.

Otherwise, you can find out where to get a copy of Wolfenstein 3D here.

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