If you're having issues with LZWolf, see ECWolf and LZWolf Troubleshooting.

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What is LZWolf?

LZWolf is a source port for games and mods built on the Wolf3D engine. It is forked from ECWolf, containing all of ECWolf's features and access to a variant of the Decorate scripting language.

It adds upon those foundations by expanding the API and merging some elements from zDoom in order to expand new mod development. While LZWolf is made with traditional Wolf3D modders in mind, Doom modders also find the engine accessible due to it's similarities with zDoom's own Decorate scripting.

You can download a copy of LZWolf from http://wolf3d.net/LZWolf, available in 32 bit and 64 bit Windows and Mac OS X builds.

LZWolf is being developed by Linuxwolf, in close collaboration with the Wolf3D modding community.

On top of what is available in ECWolf, Linuxwolf adds features based on their popularity and history in the community, and the needs of active modders in the community.

As of the 26th of February 2020, LZWolf offers the following noteable features:

  • Parallaxing skies
  • Atmospheric effects (Rain, snow)
  • Weapon damage attributes and weapon resistances (eg fire damage)
  • Custom death animations (Enemy dies in different ways depending on type of damage, etc)
  • Custom music triggers
  • Factions - Enemies can be set to different factions and fight each other, or ally with the player.
  • Lighting effects, including shading and zone lighting
  • Hub level capabilities - The ability to travel back and forth between levels

There are a lot more options and features for modifying and changing the game in a variety of different ways, all of which are listed in detail in the official documentation, written by Linuxwolf.

Yes, most mods built for ECWolf will work in LZWolf.

There are several tools available to help in the creation of a game using the ECWolf and LZWolf engines.

Linuxwolf asks that all suggestions or bug reports be submitted through the source repository, at https://bitbucket.org/linuxwolf6/lzwolf/issues/new

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