Mapmaking Questions

Mapmaking is the most popular and often defining aspect of Wolf3D mods.

Maps are traditionally built on a 2D 64×64 square, making it very easy to learn the basics. However, there can be a lot of depth, depending on how detailed a mod is.

There are many free tools available edit maps in Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny or it's other games. Each toolkit has their own approaches and features depending on the scope of your project.

Floor codes are the way Wolfenstein 3D tracks noise.

When a noise is made during gameplay (A gunshot or another enemy shouting), all enemies on the same floor code as the player will be alerted.

While a map will function without them, it can lead to weird issues with design and gameplay.

For a more indepth explanation of Floor Codes, you can find further reading at:

Planes are most easily explained as the layers of your map which contain the information about what is in it. The first plane is dedicated to walls, doors and floor codes. The second plane is dedicated to objects and enemies.

Through changing the source code of the Wolfenstein 3D engine, modders can add more planes to their maps to add more information to them. Extra planes are most commonly implemented to draw floors and ceilings in advanced modding projects.

Without the changes to the engine, Wolfenstein 3D will ignore any information stored in these extra planes.

Over the years, many guides and tutorials have come out regarding the art of making maps.

  • BJ Rowan's Level Design Guidelines - A detailed and comprehensive guide detailing not just the quirks of the engine and how individual things work, but also helpful ideas to consider when designing levels in general.
  • Tips for Creating/Editing Wolf3D & Spear of Destiny Designs by Warren Buss - An old guide on level design with the intention of educating people on the quirks of the engine and how to make levels work. A lot of gamebreaking issues are no longer a problem in modern source ports of the game, but the overall ideas of this guide are still worth checking out.
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