What is modding?

Modding Wolfenstein 3D is the act of changing the game's files in some way to create a new experience. Many people have modded Wolfenstein 3D to craft entire new games!

Over the years modding programs and editors have improved to the point that nearly every aspect of the game files can be edited, and thanks to the release of the source code and subsequent source port releases, many mods exceed the original game in scope and goals.

The Wolfenstein 3D palette is hardcoded into the engine. In DOS, it is OBJ\GAMEPAL.OBJ in the source code, and in Wolf4SDL it is WOLFPAL.INC.

In Spear of Destiny, the palette is stored inside the VGAGRAPH file.

WDC is capable changing the colour palette for both DOS Wolf3D, and Spear of Destiny. For more information, go to How do I change the colour palette of my game?.

The Signon Screen is hard-coded into the engine, and found in the following locations:

  • DOS4GW - \signon.cpp
  • Wolf4SDL - \SIGNON.CPP

There are multiple programs capable of editing the Signon screen to be recompiled.

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