How do I edit sprites and textures in ChaosEdit?

This guide will take you through the tools available to edit graphics in ChaosEdit.

Some elements of this guide assumes you have a fresh project based on the full version of Wolfenstein 3D. If not, get started by clicking here.

At the top of the ChaosEdit window is a series of tabs, which let you navigate to each section of the Editor.

The two tabs we will need for this guide are Textures and Sprites.

If you haven't already, open ChaosEdit and load your project by clicking the Load All button and navigating to your project files.

Both tabs for editing are nearly identical (just separate to split up Walls and Objects), so we will only need to look at the Sprites tab.

  • Pen - Allows you to draw directly onto the sprite.
  • Pipette - This is a colour picker; clicking a pixel on the sprite with this tool will change your selected pen colour.
  • Magnifying Glass - Lets you zoom in and out of the sprite with left and right click, to see detail.
  • Fill - Clicking on a pixel with this tool will change all connected pixels of the same colour to the currently selected pen colour
  • Line - Can be used to draw a straight line on the sprite.
  • Rectangle - Draws a solid rectangle on the sprite.
  • Rectangle Selection - Lets you highlight a section of the sprite.
  • Cut Copy and Paste - These tools work like their counterparts in other programs. When you use Rectangle Selection, these will be enabled.
  • Undo - This button will be enabled once you start making changes to a sprite; as the name suggests it will undo the last action.
  • Insert Sprite - This will add a new sprite entry into the file. Additional sprite entries will need code changes.
  • Remove Sprite - This will remove the currently open sprite from the file. Removing sprite entries will need code changes.
  • Import Export - These buttons will either overwrite the current sprite with a selected sprite, or save the selected sprite to your local drive.

This is where you select your pen colour for editing the sprite.

Use this to move between sprites in your project.

This is your sprite, ready to edit. There's a preview of the actual file size in the top right hand of the window. Using the tools listed above, you can replace, delete or manually edit your art in this area.

You will notice that at the top of the Sprites tab there is some extra stuff not present in Textures; you can leave that unchanged.

There is also a button present on both tabs with the text “Toggle HiRes”. This is a feature that requires your mod have engine changes.

To save your changes to your mod project, click either the Save Walls button to save your walls and doors, or the Save Sprites button to save your other sprites. If you have all game files loaded into ChaosEdit you can also click the Save All button.

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