How do I edit sounds and music in ChaosEdit?

This guide will take you through the elements of the Audio tools in ChaosEdit.

Some elements of this guide assumes you have a fresh project based on the full version of Wolfenstein 3D. If not, get started by clicking here.

At the top of the ChaosEdit window is a series of tabs, which let you navigate to each section of the Editor.

For audio editing, we'll want the Audio tab.

Open ChaosEdit and load your project by clicking the Load All button and navigating to your project files.

Click on the Audio tab and you should see a screen similar to the one below.

You will notice that the Audio tab is itself divided into two more tabs; Sounds and Music.

This will move through each sound in the project.

This displays the sound visually, as well as displaying the sound's filesize and how long the sound is.

This will play the currently selected sound.

  • Insert Sound - This will create a new sound entry in the file, directly after the currently selected sound.
  • Remove Sound - This will completely erase the current sound and it's entry from the game files.
  • Import - This will replace the current sound with a new sound file.
  • Export - This will save the current sound to a new external file.
  • Play Sound on Scrolling - When turned on, ChaosEdit will automatically play each sound as you scroll through the file.

This is the sample rate that sounds in the game will have, and the sample rate being used to play the sounds in ChaosEdit.

It is important to note that any sounds added to the game that exceed this sample rate will be “downgraded” to the rate specified in this box.

This will move through each song in the project.

This section includes some different tools and playback options for music.

  • Update IMF Button -
  • Playback Buttons - Much like in music players, these buttons will Stop, Play and Pause the music.
  • Snap (In BPM) -
  • Mute this channel - Turns off the sound for the currently selected Audio Channel, so you can single out and listen to separate instruments in the song.
  • Solo -
  • Jukebox Mode - When a song is done playing, it will move onto the next song in the file and automatically play.

The small scrollbar will switch between the different channels in the current song, allowing you to preview and edit individual instruments in the song.

The rest of this section shows information about the song, including it's length and filesize.

This is essentially your canvas. The currently selected channel of the current song is displayed here.

You can scroll and look through the song, and edit notes by clicking and dragging on the end of a note, or clicking and dragging the middle of a note to move it's position.

These buttons will zoom in and out on the song you are currently viewing, for more detailed editing.

  • Zoom In Vertical and Zoom Out Vertical will extend and shrink the gap between bars.
  • Zoom In Horizontal and Zoom Out Horizontal will extend and shrink the length of the timeline.

If you make any edits to the sounds or musics, you can save the changes to your game by either pressing the Save All Changes button or the Save Sounds button to save changes to just sound effects.

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