What is MapEdit?

MapEdit was the most popular map editor for Wolfenstein 3D for nearly twenty years after the initial release of Wolfenstein 3D.

While more advanced and modern editors have come out over the years, MapEdit still remains a stable choice for making maps in most of the games built on the Wolf3D engine.

MapEdit is a DOS application, and as such will run easily on older systems that still utilize MSDOS. However, newer systems will need to emulate DOS.

Newer operating systems are capable of running MapEdit with emulation. To do so, see Running Wolfenstein 3D on DosBox, but instead of pointing DosBox to your game, point it to your MapEdit installation.

MapEdit is available from a whole array of Wolfenstein 3D related websites. This page lists every known version of the program, with download links to each if possible.

For most editing, MapEdit 8.5 is consideredd best version, capable of editing multiple games with many quality of life changes.

Version WL1 WL3 WL6 SDM SOD BS6 CO7 BC

These are some common version choices, based on game compatibility and features (4.1a and 6.0 share the same compatibilities, but 6.0 introduces many quality of life features like cut, copy and paste.)

For a full list of MapEdit versions and their changes, you can visit this page on

Over the years, many people took to updating MapEdit with new features and changes, and even some being removed.

Because of this, many versions of MapEdit are capable of editing different games, with early versions being capable of editing the Shareware version of the game, while later versions had that feature removed per a request from Apogee Software.
Later versions were capable of editing other games like the Blake Stone franchise, and Corridor 7.

While versions 8.0 and up kept their code under lock and key, the source code for versions from 4.0 to 7.2 was made available and included in the main downloads.

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