How do I edit maps with MapEdit?

This guide will take you through MapEdit 8.5, and it's basic functions.

If you're looking for more information, be sure to check out the manual that should accompany your version of the editor. Different versions of MapEdit may have different functionality.

This assumes you have installed MapEdit appropriately, and are either running it through DosBox. If not, please read How do I set up MapEdit for my project? and What does MapEdit run on?

When you start up MapEdit, you will be greeted with a credits and disclaimer screen with a prompt to press any key. This will be followed by another prompt to specify what drive to store temporary files while editing.

Make sure to specify the same drive you mounted to DosBox. If successful, you should see the next screen.

MapEdit's entire editing experience is confined to one screen.

The currently displayed map. Clicking on the map will edit it, depending on the active Plane and Tiles.

This is the list of items that can be added into the game, sorted into two categories (MAP which contains walls, floor codes and doors, and OBJ which contains all objects and enemies).

Left or right clicking with the mouse will assign a tile to that button, to be painted onto the map.

There are three buttons attached to the Tile List.

  • Plane Toggle - This will toggle between the Walls/Floors/Doors and Objects/Enemies lists. The appearance of the button will change depending on the active Tile List.
  • Scroll Up/Down - These will scroll up and down the Tile List.

This section displays helpful mapping information.

  • LM and RM display the tiles currently selected for Left Mouse Click (LM) and Right mouse Click (RM).
  • The coordinates for the maptile being hovered over with the mouse.
  • The map elements already placed in the tile.

This little section simply identifies some useful hotkeys to use while editing.

Key Effect Description
O Toggle Objects This will toggle hiding and revealing objects and enemies on the map. Useful if you want to map specific elements without so much visual noise.
F Toggle Floors This will toggle hiding and displaying floor codes. Useful if you want to map specific elements without so much visual noise.
S Toggle Stats This will switch out this section with a stats screen showing the number of each type of tile and enemy that is on the current map. Pressing S again will return to the Hotkey Toggles.
M Memorize Level This will copy the entire map layout to the clipboard. Two new options will appear in the Hotkey List.
E Exchange Level This will replace the currently selected level with the level stored in the Clipboard. Pressing E again will reverse the process. Only visible if a map has already been stored in the Clipboard.
T Transfer Level This will replace the currently selected level in such a way that it cannot be reversed. Only visible if a map has already been stored in the Clipboard.
R Read floor file This hotkey allows you to import a map into your project, from an external file. A prompt will appear asking for the filename. If a map is loaded, it is added to the clipboard to use with the Exchange Level and Transfer Level buttons
W Write floor file This hotkey will allow you to export a single map to a new external file. A prompt will appear asking for a filename to give the map.
Q Quit This will quit MapEdit.
F1 Keyboard Help This will bring up a detailed list of Hotkeys for MapEdit.

There are a lot of different hotkeys and buttons to navigate MapEdit, and pressing F1 to access Keyboard Help is the best way to see the entire listing, including how to navigate between maps.

When you are done editing your maps, press Q to quit MapEdit. When you do, you will be prompted to save your changes. Press Y if you want to save your maps to play, and N if you want to discard any changes you made this session.

If your modding project has additional objects, enemies, walls, or doors (usually via changes to the engine itself), you can refer to MCS informative tutorial at (Mirrored on Wayback Machine) for how to add more entries to the Tile Lists.

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