How do I set up MapEdit for my project?

To have MapEdit detect your project, simply put the files for the program in the same folder as your game. MapEdit looks for and edits two files for your game; MAPHEAD.*, and either GAMEMAPS.* or MAPTEMP.*. The only exception to this is when editing Corridor 7, who's MAPHEAD data is incorporated into the exe file.

Your game folder should contain the following files after extracting MapEdit 8.5

As MapEdit is a DOS application, it will need DosBox to run. See What does MapEdit run on? for more information.

If you are using a version of MapEdit capable of editing other games (Spear of Destiny, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, etc) you will need the appropriate data files for the game you are editing.

MapEdit stores the lists for objects, enemies and walls inside of two files; OBJDATA.* and MAPDATA.*. To edit a particular game, make sure you have both files with the appropriate file extension in your main MapEdit folder (It will be the same as the game you are editing, such as WL1 for Shareware Wolfenstein 3D, and CO7 for Corridor 7). In some versions of MapEdit these extra data files are compressed in additional zip files. Simply identify the zip file for your game and extract those files to the main directory with the game and MapEdit in it.

To learn about the tools MapEdit offers, visit How do I edit maps with MapEdit?.

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