If you're looking to record a demo, visit How do I record a gameplay demo?

When the Player doesn't press a key and lets the game intro play out, eventually it will play a random recording of gameplay.

While WDC does not currently include the means to directly edit or create a demo, it does have the ability to replace and add new recordings to your project.

This guide assumes you have installed and have already set up a project with WDC. If not, get started by clicking here.

Start WDC and open your project, if you haven't already. At the top of the window, you will see a row of fifteen square buttons.

You will want to select the Demos button in order to view and change gameplay demos.

You should see a screen similar to the one below!

This is a list of all the gameplay demos included in your project. A single mouse click will select the demo to preview, and a double-click will bring up a window to choose a replacement demo to load into your project, if you have one ready.

In the Demos section, this will move down the list of demos in your project. Largely unnecessary to use, as you can see all the recordings in the Demo List.

This is where you will point WDC to replacement recordings. There is an address bar that will tell you where the replacement file is located and what it is called, and four buttons.

  • Insert File - If you have a recording ready for your game, you can click this button to point WDC to it and have it replace the currently selected one.
  • Edit Demo - This is permanently greyed out, as WDC does not have the ability to edit demo recordings.
  • Open the replacement file's folder - As it says on the packaging, really. This button will open the folder in a new window.
  • Use original data - This will delete the current replacement demo, and go back to using the original. If the selected demo was added with one of the “Add Chunk” buttons, it will delete the entry entirely.

While you cannot edit demos in WDC, it will let you preview the actions that happen in the recording. This is because Wolfenstein 3D records it's demos by tracking the player's actions every tic.

Here, there are three buttons. The first is a dedicated Export button for saving the current demo to a new external file.

The second and third buttons are for adding new demos rather than replacing them. Doing this requires changes to the engine in order to make use of these additions properly.

  • Add Chunk - This will add a new entry for a demo before the currently selected one.
  • Add Chunk to End - This button will be clickable when viewing the very last demo in a tab. Doing so will add a new entry at the very end of the file. This is usually the best option as to avoid disrupting the rest of the core game.

When you're done replacing and adding demos, go to File→Compile All to save and publish your additions.

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