If you're looking to learn the basics of map editing in WDC, visit How to edit maps in WDC?.

How do I use WDC's advanced mapping features?

As Wolf3D modding has evolved, programs like WDC have also evolved, adding features specifically tailored to the needs of modders.

All of these guides assume you have already created a new project in WDC. If you haven't yet, click here.

Note: Make sure to backup your project before making many of these changes, as some may alter your game files in ways that won't be playable if you change your mind.

A simple feature, it will fill all the blank spaces in the map (Anything without a wall or door) with floor codes, giving each enclosed room it's own code.

To use it, you just have to go to Map ToolsAutoFloor and it will automatically generate the floor codes for the currently selected map.

WDC is capable of overwriting the currently selected map with a randomly generated set of rooms to use as a foundation for a new map. Going to Map ToolsGenerate Random Map will bring up the following window:

This set of options will tell WDC what to put in your map.

  • Rooms: This number will tell WDC how many rooms the map needs to generate.
  • Bonus Items: How many treasure items and 1-up items should be in the map.
  • Solid Objects: How many objects to put on the map, specifically objects the player cannot walk through (Wells, etc)
  • Objects: Same as Solid Objects, but for objects the player can walk through (Vines, etc)
  • Guards: There are three options here, for each difficulty set (Level 1 covers both the Can I Play Daddy? and Bring It On difficulties). This will populate the map with all types of enemies (Guards, Dogs, SS, Officers, Mutants).
  • Bosses: The number of bosses for the map, if any.
  • The Checklist: This checklist decides what walls to utilize in your map. In this checklist you'd want to pick the items that are appropriate to the theme you are aiming for.

Once you've input the variables you desire for your map, click Generate Map, and WDC will create the start for your map. This is an example of a map with all variables set to 15 (Except bosses, which is set to 1), and random walls selected:

There are no doors and items are placed at random, so the Random Map Generator cannot be relied on by itself. Some personal input will still being needed to flesh out the level. But this feature can be a good option if you're finding it hard to start.

WDC is capable of supporting up to 32 map planes, and by default has 3 enabled. The game of Wolfenstein 3D only has and uses 2 in the vanilla game.

To utilize extra map planes in your game will require code changes. To find out how to change the number of map planes, click here.

Changing the number of map planes in your project is very straightforward, requiring changes to your Project Information. Click How do I enable more map planes in WDC? to see the steps involved.

If you go to edit a map and choose one of your new planes, you'll see a very empty list.

This is because you need to create your own tiles to the plane.

To remedy this, visit How do I add more map tiles to the Plane List?.

If you feel the amount of planes and items drawn on the map are making things hard to edit, it is possible to tune what is visible during editing.

Go to Map ToolsView Options and it will bring up a window full of toggles.

As an example, if Show Level 1 Guards is unticked, then all the lower-difficulty enemies will be invisible on the map. Still there, and still in the game, but invisible just in the editor.

Draw plane 3 and higher only when it is the current edit plane is a toggle that as the name implies, will make all extra planes invisible unless they are the currently selected one for editing.

WDC supports the ability to have maps up to 512×512 in size!

To change a map's size in WDC is simple, but depending on the engine you use there may be other changes necessary. To enable maps up to 128×128 in size for DOS, click here. If you're using SDL, click here. ECWolf and LZWolf will be able to automatically detect custom map sizes.

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