How do I edit music/sounds in WDC?

This guide will introduce you to the basic tools available in WDC for replacing sound effects and music.

This guide assumes you have installed and have already set up a project with WDC. If not, get started by clicking here.

Start WDC and open your project, if you haven't already. At the top of the window, you will see a row of fifteen square buttons.

There are four sections dedicated to sounds and music.

  • Click the Sounds button if you want to edit sound effects and voices
  • Click the Music button to see music.
  • Click the PC Sounds button to edit the beeps and boops.
  • Click the Adlib Sounds button to edit the rest of the sound effects

This is the Sound tab. The only difference between the four tabs is the presence of the file previews (which is labelled as 6 in the above image). This guide will refer to all sounds collectively as “audio”.

This is a complete list of all the sound effects in your project files, with it's reference number, size and name. A single mouseclick will preview the audio, and doubleclicking an audio listing will open a window to replace it with a new audio file.

In the Sound and Music windows, the scrollbar will move through the audio files in the project one by one. This is largely unnecessary though, as you can access all the audio through the list.

These are the controls for playing back audio.

  • Play Original - This button will play the original audio present in this project (before editing).
  • Play Replacement - This button will be enabled if the selected audio has been replaced for the mod. It will play the replaced audio.
  • Pause - If an audio preview is playing, this button will pause it. If already paused, this button will become Restart, which will resume play.
  • Stop - This will completely stop any audio that is playing.

This is where you will point WDC to replacement audio. There is an address bar that will tell you where the replacement file is located and what it is called, and four buttons.

  • Insert File - If you have replacement audio ready for your game, you can click this button to point WDC to it and have it replace the current art.
  • Edit Audio - This appears to be greyed out permanently in Sounds, but in Music it isn't. However, WDC does not currently include audio editing capabilities, and clicking this button can cause a crash.
  • Open the replacement file's folder - As it says on the packaging, really. This button will open the folder in a new window.
  • Use original data - This will delete the current replacement audio, and go back to using the original. If the audio was added with one of the “Add Chunk” buttons, it will delete the entry entirely.

Here, there are three buttons. The first is a dedicated Export button for saving the current sprite to a new file.

The second and third buttons are for adding new audio to the list rather than replacing it. Doing this requires changes to the engine in order to make use of these options properly.

  • Add Chunk - This will add a new audio entry before the current selection.
  • Add Chunk to End - This button will be clickable when viewing the very last audio entry in the list. Doing so will add a new audio entry at the very end of the list. This is usually the best option as to avoid disrupting the rest of the core game.

This section is exclusive to the Sounds tab, and will show a preview of the currently selected audio file's soundwaves. The top bar shows the original audio, and the bottom bar will show the replacement, if any is present.

When you're done replacing or editing sprites, click FileCompile All or FileCompileVSWAP (FileCompileAudioT if you're editing the Music tab) to publish the changes to your project.

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