What is a mod?

Almost immediately after the shareware version of Wolfenstein 3D was released in 1992, people worked out how to get into the files and create their own customized experiences in the game.

Mods are projects created by players and the community which make changes to maps, sprites, music, or any other aspect of the game.
These projects often require a player to already own the original game it's based on in order to be played.

Total conversions are user-made mods that endeavour to change all parts of the game, to create something that is practically a whole new game.
These types of mods often come with changes to the engine to fit new themes or add features.
Because of the amount of changes that are made to these projects, they can be played without the need for any other files.

Hundreds of mods and total conversions have come out over the passed few decades, helped considerably by the release of the source code in 1999, and the many advancements that have happened since then.

There are a variety of websites and locations to easily find and access a vast selection of user-created mods and games.

  • - WolfSource is the most current source to find Wolf3D news about mod releases and events in the community, as well as downloads to most mods available.
  • The Wolfenstein 3D Vault - While it hasn't been updated in a while, this website has plenty of information, resources and a large majority of mods releases pre-2018.
  • The Wolfenstein 3D Dome - The classic website, a go-to for the Wolf3D community for years and years. The Wolf3D Dome was maintained by Brian Lowe until he had to step down in December 2013, and has unfortunately been mostly dormant since 2015.
  • Wolfenstein 3D on ModDB - These days many users upload and maintain their mods on websites like ModDB. While the listing is more limited, many modern mod releases can be found here, up to date.

How you install and run a mod depends on the type of mod you have downloaded.

Total Conversions will have all the required files to play, so the game need just be extracted and put in it's own folder.

Mods that don't change everything will generally only come with the modified files. To install, it is best practice to create a new copy of your Wolfenstein 3D installation, then overwrite files in that new folder with the files from the mod download.

ECWolf and LZWolf mods need only be dragged and dropped over the exe file to run. You will need the base game installed for whatever the mod is based on (Typically Registered Wolf3D)

If there are extra steps required for a particular mod, they will usually be detailed in an accompanying README text file.

Many mods are not whole games in themselves, and in these cases only the files that were actually changed are made available for download.

To play these mods you will need whatever base game it is built on (Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, etc).

The Wolfenstein 3D Wiki is a good source for information about mods for Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny, with some pages including behind the scenes details of development, and other trivia.

The Wolfenstein 3D Dome also has some interesting articles about various modders and some significant events in the community's history.

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