What is a Source Port?

A source port, is as the name implies, a port of the source code to work on another system.

There have been many developed for Wolfenstein 3D, each with their own goals in mind. The typical goal has been to create a means to play without emulation on modern systems.

The three main ports are:

  • Wolf4SDL, the main port for playing Wolfenstein 3D on modern systems. This is the typical choice of port for modders who need to dive deep into the engine to create new features.

  • ECWolf, a port built off Wolf4SDL incorporating features initially created for zDoom. The intention is to create a single engine capable of running all games commercially released on the Wolf3D engine, and introduce an improved modding experience in-line with the direction id Software wanted to take their games.

  • LZWolf, a port in turn built off of ECWolf. The goal of LZWolf is to provide a layer of further features on top of ECWolf for modders to take advantage of.

There are other source ports that have been developed over the years, but unfortunately never were fully completed. Each port approached the issue differently, leading to an array of ways to play.

  • NewWolf - This ported Wolfenstein 3D to OpenGL, and even allowed for the player to play with 3d models instead of sprited objects. It was developed by DarkOne, but is defunct and hasn't been updated since 2006.
    Despite the lack of continued support, the port still works, running natively in Windows systems and possessing it's own modding system.
    It is open source, and still available from DarkOne's NewWolf Website.
  • WinWolf3D - Created by Adam Biser. WinWolf3D was powered by Visual Basic, and could run not just Wolfenstein 3D but Spear of Destiny and Blake Stone! It included a “psuedo-scripting” language called WGD (WinWolf3D Game Definition), which allowed for some basic soft-modding to be implemented.
    The project has been cancelled for a great number of years, as Adam focuses on maintaining WDC and pursuing his other projects.
    Not much exists regarding WinWolf3D anymore, but you can download a copy here.

  • Wolfenstein 3-D Redux -
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