ECWolf and LZWolf Troubleshooting

This page lists solutions to common issues with ECWolf and LZWolf.

If your problem isn't listed here, visit the ECWolf forums for more specialized assistance.

This can be caused by a number of things. If the error is caused while working on your mod, or you want to investigate further, click here to attempt to diagnose the error.

ECWolf will automatically detect your game if it's a Steam or installation. Otherwise, ECWolf will need to be in the same folder as the game you want to run.

This can occur because you are using a version of ECWolf that is either too new or too old for the mods you are running.

There are two main versions of ECWolf to download:

  • The Stable Build, which is updated when a complete feature-set is finished, support for a game is completed, or there are some major bugfixes to be applied.
  • The Development Build which is updated much more often, usually as singular features, partial support for features in games like Blake Stone, or fixes are implemented.

As the amount of development time required to implement support for each game increases exponentially, the space between releases of Stable Builds has increased (Supporting a game requires making it compatible with all games that already work with ECWolf).

Since late 2016, modders have started relying on the Development Builds to create bigger and more experimental games. Unfortunately due to the presence of some of these features and how new builds handle files, the Stable Build isn't able to do what is being asked of it, and it will crash.
Alternatively, mods made before these features were added into the Development Build may contain user-created scripting and XLAT files that conflict with new definitions.

Blzut3 has said that compatibility should not be a major issue going forward; future releases of ECWolf should have minimal impact on mods currently being released.


Download the version of ECWolf that the mod was designed for (Typically the Stable Builds for mods pre-2017 and the Development Builds for mods made after 2016).

LZWolf is based on the development builds of ECWolf, and therefore will suffer similar issues with some pre-2017 mods.

As both ECWolf and LZWolf are still in development, new features will be added for future modders to take advantage of. As such, these mods may be incompatible with older builds.


Update to the latest build of the required engine

These effects are generally caused because the game is failing to find the elements to display.

Missing textures will cause a Hall of Mirrors like effect as seen in the screenshot above. Missing sprites and objects will display a big yellow exclamation mark, and missing menu items won't be displayed at all, usually.

There are a number of reasons this can happen.

While ECWolf mods have the advantage of all being able to be run through a single installation of the engine, each mod requires a specific base game. When you start up the engine, you should see the following window, potentially with a slightly different list of games

While most mods will use Wolfenstein 3D as a base, some modders will use Spear of Destiny or even Super 3D Noah's Ark to build their game.
Each game uses separate features, different textures and sprites, and different definitions in the code.


Double-check what game the select mod runs on, and confirm that is the game you are loading upon running ECWolf.

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