How do I run the game?

While DOS may not be available on recent operating systems, there are a number of options available to let you play the game!

The Steam version of Wolf3D includes DosBox and a BAT file to automatically set it up for the game, so the game should run without extra input.

Note: This will work for other DOS programs, including MapEdit. Follow the below instructions, but when directed to mount the Wolf3D directory, instead mount the folder containing the other DOS program you want to run. Then type in the name of that program's exe, and it should work.

DosBox is a program which emulates the DOS operating system, allowing a user to run programs that are otherwise incompatible with modern operating systems.

Running Wolfenstein 3D with DosBox is fairly easy, especially if you're familiar with DOS.

This guide assumes that you have downloaded DosBox from the official website, and have installed it.

If you've installed DosBox correctly, when you run DOSBox.exe, you should see something similar to this (either windowed or full screen):

If you have put your Wolf3D files in the same folder as DosBox, all you need to do is type WOLF3D.EXE into DosBox and press Enter.

Most people will have Wolfenstein 3D (Or it's many, many mods) installed to separate folders. Rather than having a separate installation of DosBox for every game, you can point DosBox to the game's folder from inside the emulator.

As an example in this guide, it is assumed that your copy of Wolfenstein 3D is installed to C:\WOLF3D. It is important to note that you will need to change where you mount your DosBox drive so that you point it to your game folder. For example if you actually installed Wolfenstein 3D to D:\Games\Retro\Wolf3D\Registered, you would need to write that instead of example directory.

First, you'll want to create a new drive within DosBox. To do so, we use the MOUNT command. We'll make the new drive C: to keep things simple.

  1. Type mount c C:\WOLF3D to tell DosBox to create a drive called C, and point it to your Wolfenstein 3D installation. Press enter, and you should see a confirmation message.
  2. Next, you have to tell DosBox to go inside this drive. To do so simply type the letter of the drive, followed by a colon (:). Press enter, and you should see the letter of the current drive change (From Z:\> to C:\>).
  3. Now that DosBox is inside the directory that Wolfenstein 3D is installed in, all that is left is to start the game by typing WOLF3D.EXE!

All you need to run Wolf3D with Wolf4SDL is an appropriate Wolf4SDL.exe file, and the files SDL.dll and SDL_Mixer.dll. Copy all three into the same folder as your original game files, and run Wolf4SDL.exe to start playing!

You can download all three files ready to go from Wolf3D.net:

The original game files are still required.

These engines will usually be able to auto-detect your Steam installation of the games, so it's as simple as dropping the files for ECWolf or LZWolf in their own folder and running the program.

If you aren't running a Steam or GOG.com version of the games, put the files for ECWolf or LZWolf in the same folder as your game files, and run the ECWolf.exe or LZWolf.exe file.

If you own multiple games that the engine is compatible with, a prompt will come up asking which version of the game.

Simply pick the game you own and press OK. If you are running an ECWolf or LZWolf mod, make sure you select the appropriate base game, or the mod may not function correctly.

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